Thiago Rossener


I am a passionate Cyber Security enthusiast who is pursuing a professional bachelor’s degree in Cloud & Cyber Security. Initially, I hoped to obtain a career in the industry after graduation. This has changed since I was hired as a freelance pentester at Cyber Armed Security, a cybersecurity organization located in the United Kingdom. Since 2019, I’ve been combining my schooling with the penetration testing role, and I’ve obtained a lot of knowledge and expertise as a result. I’ve performed pentests and audits for a number of well-known firms, and I’ve also obtained experience in CIS/ISO and Azure/AWS auditing, as well as security and configuration assessments of hardware devices like routers and switches.

Because of this chance, I opted to pursue an Academic Bachelor’s degree in Law, followed by a Masters degree in Law, with the purpose of gaining deeper understanding about the legal elements of cybersecurity and perhaps becoming a Cybercrime Defense Attorney.

My interest in computers began at an early age, and I’ve since become addicted to the internet, particularly in uncovering weaknesses in infrastructures that should not be available to the public, or anybody unauthorized at all. Over time, I learnt to handle every piece of information with extreme caution while being ethical. After all, there’s a lot at risk in this day and age, as we transport sensitive data across digital networks and continue to keep more and more important data on the cloud.

In my spare time, I like studying about topics that interest me. One of my favorite sites is Hackthebox, which allows users to practice their penetration testing skills in a secure and entertaining environment. Aside from that, I like participating in CTFs. In the CSCBE CTF, my team and I finished 14th in the finals. I also like continuing my education through, Udemy, and other online resources.

Curiculum Vitae